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Dino Beanie mod


A good friend of mine is due to have her second child any day now. She loves rich colour and natural fibers so I modified my Dino toque pattern to work with some thick roving I had in my collection.

I used a K hook and adjusted my increases to double the stitches on the second round and only increase every fourth stitch on the third round. This is the result. She loves it!


Easy and quick crochet


I am a teacher and I love to work with kids who are having trouble. I feel infinite patience with my students and enjoy coming up with new and creative ways to teach a new skill. I can be patient as a teacher but I’m not sure I’m known for my patience in my personal life.

Crafting would definitely fit into my personal life. I have the skills to pull off big projects (I think) but when it comes to following through on a long pattern or project, I tend to move on to instant gratification. That is why this project was so great!

Actually I was just eying up a pretty cowl at Shoppers Drug Mart but can’t be bothered to pay for something that I could just make and customize to whatever yarn I like.

I found this pattern free online here and was eager to give it a try.

So last night, at about 11pm, I began to crochet. I was instantly addicted to the simple-to-master pattern and could not put it down! Eventually, mommy fatigue kicked in and I reluctantly climbed my stairs and went to bed.

I woke up today and it was a little like Christmas! I couldn’t wait to get back to this project. So naturally, I did. I am thrilled with the finished product. In about 2.5 hours, I have a beautiful circular scarf that is both pretty and practical. I am already considering which yarn to try this pattern in next!


A little birdie told me…


The Great Toque Marathon


As Christmas approaches, my knitting has gone from leisurely and experimental to feverishly quick. I was hired to knit 3 Canadian style toques to give to foreign visitors on their first trip to the Great White North.

But, as abundance seems to follow me everywhere now, I received an email asking if the order could be changed. To 10 toques.

I am very excited to get to email my client a photo of the first completed toque.  One down, 9 to go. Wish me luck!

Toque 1 of 10

This toque was knit with Bernat Mosaic Yarn in the colour ‘Calypso’.