Japanese Flower Shawl


As a response to my “Unique Blanket Patterns” post I received a new request! It took me a couple of days to get back to this one as my little guy has been sick and my family has had an exciting weekend including the university graduation of my sister-in-law (Congrats Holly!) and the Kamloops Family Market where Brian had a booth.

Imagine my surprise when I received this lovely request in my inbox!

What beautiful patterns! especially the star at the top. Have you seen Japanese Flower Shawls? I’m looking for a simple circular pattern to make the pieces for my own. Apparently, the actual original pattern is only available by buying the original book (in Japanese). Here it is on Pinterest. http://pinterest.com/pin/239042692691556187/:)

I do love a challenge! So I have set out on a treasure hunt and found some resources that I hope will answer lotsofnicethings’ request and also inspire some of you out there to give this beautiful and unique pattern a try too. Thank you so much to lotsofnicethings and please feel free to keep those requests coming!

Tracking down this pattern definitely proved itself to be quite a challenge. I did find a few blogs, most in French (Yay for bilingualism!) but even these had pulled down any tutorials or written instructions out of respect for the original author.

They all have a valid point of course. As any of you who have ever written a pattern know, crochet is an art in itself. I too have chosen not to write out any pattern or offer tutorials. In an effort to inspire you to learn the pattern yourself, I have posted a few pictures from outside sources and some crochet charts. (Check out this post to learn more about reading crochet charts.)

Japanese Flower Shawl

Delicate and brightly coloured, these flowers are beautiful draped over your shoulders as a shawl but could also adorn a sweater or toque or become a beautiful afghan!

As was mentioned in the request, the original pattern for these flowers is in Japanese. This isn't quite the same flower but may work. If you can read a crochet chart, this little picture may serve well as a guide!

Another chart.

This is such a great picture. If you are familiar with crochet, you may be able to figure out the pattern by this photo alone.

Yet another clear photo to follow. And the comments on this blog post may give you a few more hints too!

You may notice that these are not all the same. They are quite similar but there are a few options out there so I guess it is up to you what you like! Aside from these images, most of what I found was quite repetitive. If what I’ve listed here doesn’t do the trick, try this search for plenty more resources!

Please share your Japanese Flowers with us!

Thanks and happy hooking!

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