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Easy and quick crochet


I am a teacher and I love to work with kids who are having trouble. I feel infinite patience with my students and enjoy coming up with new and creative ways to teach a new skill. I can be patient as a teacher but I’m not sure I’m known for my patience in my personal life.

Crafting would definitely fit into my personal life. I have the skills to pull off big projects (I think) but when it comes to following through on a long pattern or project, I tend to move on to instant gratification. That is why this project was so great!

Actually I was just eying up a pretty cowl at Shoppers Drug Mart but can’t be bothered to pay for something that I could just make and customize to whatever yarn I like.

I found this pattern free online here and was eager to give it a try.

So last night, at about 11pm, I began to crochet. I was instantly addicted to the simple-to-master pattern and could not put it down! Eventually, mommy fatigue kicked in and I reluctantly climbed my stairs and went to bed.

I woke up today and it was a little like Christmas! I couldn’t wait to get back to this project. So naturally, I did. I am thrilled with the finished product. In about 2.5 hours, I have a beautiful circular scarf that is both pretty and practical. I am already considering which yarn to try this pattern in next!